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AUTOSAR Builder offers a complete development environment built on an open Eclipse based Artop development platform that allows users to develop AUTOSAR compliant systems models and to then generate embedded code from these models.

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AUTOSAR Builder is an open, flexible and powerful modeling and simulation toolset for the development and verification of automotive electrical and electronic systems and their associated embedded software. It fully supports AUTOSAR concepts and standards, including: AUTOSAR System, AUTOSAR Software Components, AUTOSAR Virtual Functional Bus, AUTOSAR Electronic Control Units (ECU) hardware resources, AUTOSAR Real-Time Environments and ECU configuration.

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  • Fast and easy integration with current development processes

  • Open and customizable solution

  • Verification of embedded systems early in the development process

  • Graphical systems descriptions with diagram editors facilitates the rapid development of complex architectures

  • Effective systems analysis at different stages of the overall development process 

  • Support of logical view concepts in order to abstract the complexity of system elements from multiple resources

  • Integration with 3rd party tools to solve complex engineering activities such as interoperability between established modeling languages and code generation tools