Electrical Systems

Optimize Electrical Wire Harness and Cable System Design

The CATIA Electrical solution provides an integrated environment that enables collaborative design of electrical systems in the context of a virtual product to ensure wire harness fit that minimizes downstream errors.

Our solution is based on the RFLP (Requirement, Functional, Logical and Physical) approach that enables full traceability of information from requirement to the final product. Knowledge management is included in the solution to facilitate automated checks of the electrical design against predefined compliance rules and standards that must be followed throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

CATIA Electrical  enables efficient concurrent engineering for mechatronic parts so that engineers from various disciplines such as mechanical, electrical and systems can work collaboratively to optimize electrical harness design.


Extended capabilities, from requirements to electrical physical design :

  • Unique integrated solution to support mechatronics design 
  • Rapid propagation of design changes at any time to optimize the electrical 
    design process 
  • Powerful real-time analysis tools 
  • Intuitive environment enabling easy harness design and modifications 
  • Realistic shape of the harnesses by taking into account the material 
  • Efficient concurrent design through tight collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineers, between systems architects and electrical harness 
  • Powerful design review environment to provide high-end quality products 
  • Configuration management of electrical harness
  • Full electrical component management, BOM management 
  • Life like experience to optimize the layout of the flattened harness
  • Concurrent engineering on a the same harness


  • Electrical & Fluid Systems Design

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  • Electrical Manufacturing Preparation

    Rapid creation of the Electrical Wire Harness Manufacturing Documentation and Form-boards

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    Creating the Physical Representation of Rigid and Flexible Circuit boards

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