Composites Engineering

Composites Designer

CATIA Composites Designer role allows designers to optimize composite design steps while composites manufacturing constraints can be embedded early in the conceptual stage which reducing design time.

Futhermore, designers during the preliminary design can choose industry-proven design approach to mate better with structural parts. For example : the grid design approach can be benefit for the design of aerospace barrels, boat hulls, and wind turbine blades.

It also enables designers to automatically optimize plies during detailed design with dedicated  features and  easily simulate how the part behaves structurally or what is going to happen on the shop floor with outputs genrearation.

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A comprehensive set of process-oriented applications, on a single integrated platform,  to efficiently manage composites design on complex surfaces.


  • Industry-proven design approaches
    • Preliminary grid & zone design
  • Ply modeling tools based on associative 3D features
  • Complex surface modeling tools
  • Best-in-class solid and IML
    • ITA and Junction lines control
    • Core elevation
  • Advanced Producibility Analysis 
    • Real-Time fiber deposit deviation analysis (Dynamic Draping)
    • Fiber deposit strategies control
  • Knowledge design automation 
  • Associative engineering drawings
    • Visualization of plies normal vector
  • Engineering deliverables and DMU integration
    • Drawings with Generative view style and annotation templates
    • Review results export



Composites Designer
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  • Efficient management of composite design on complex surfaces

  • Reduce time to market 

  • Allow the designer to focus on the design intent

  • Predict the behavior of the part inside the design environment

  • Closed loop with simulation

  • Allows designers to capture the assembly information within the design environment 

  • Account manufacturing constraints early in the design process

  • Optimize the performances and weight by designing in the context of analysis

  • Model Based Definition and LOng Term ARchiving compliant