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Concept Architectural Designer

Concept Architectural Designer role combines technological strength, ease of use, and productivity to create a flexible, instinctive building and space conceptual design system. The broad-based collaborative framework enables commercial architects, planners, and clients to quickly visualize requirements and iterate on building concepts using 3D digital modeling to accelerate the design process, and make informed decisions that save time and cost.

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Conceptual design and decision making for architects and building planners.

  • Natural 3D modeling
    • User can start modeling from specification of building in Excel,
    • Quickly get a 3D result following steps intuitively,
    • Generate walls by deduction of spaces,
    • Mass instantiation of components from library,
    • Customization of components including automated dimensioning,
  • Architecture oriented
    • Modeling is using construction types from the beginning,
    • Geolocation,
    • External map import,
  • Use of standards and format
    • Use Excel for quick edition of parameters
    • Import OSM and CityGML data
    • Import-Export DWG, DXF files
    • Import-Export BIM model in IFC standard
Concept Architectural Designer
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  • 3D Design 
    Simplified modelisation by working at 3DShape level,
    Natural, effective and powerful functional modeling,
    Easier data management. PLM management is made after BIM export.

  • Functional design
    Objects types decide for 3D Boolean operations to perform. It makes the modeling operation simpler.

  • Component instantiation
    Specific UI dedicated to construction industry,
    Simplified management of adaptive components