Advanced Surface Modeling

Reach Perfection in Surface Quality

The perfect surface optimization

CATIA Icem and ICEM Surf together provide best complementary solution able to meet daily challenges.
As leading products, CATIA Icem and ICEM Surf both delivers new evolutions on a regular basis in response to customer needs, so that surface experts can:

  • Focus on what they do best: search for the perfect shape … and reach it on time
  • Focus on sophistication thanks to optimized workflow and dedicated framework
  • Eliminate low added value repetitive task

Taking benefits of both best 3D tools “CATIA and ICEM”, CATIA Icem provides the most advanced mathematic and comprehensive suite of tools to reach the highest quality of surface, by integrating the ICEM technology into CATIA. It allows creating, editing and analyzing any complex, aesthetical and ergonomic shapes to the highest Class-A surface quality.

The world-leading software solution used for Class-A surface modeling, surface analysis and design visualization. Our vision is to continue build upon ICEM Surf's acknowledged reputation in the surface modeling market place and address customers total needs and expectations throughout the digital surface design development process.


CATIA Icem drives the Class-A Design Innovation.

It brings the power of CATIA within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and allows 3D data to be shared with any other applications and then streamline design and engineering collaboration. Starting from basic inputs such as design sketches or point-clouds from physical prototypes, bring your design to Class-A surface quality and ready for manufacturing.

  • Integrated Best-in-Class ICEM Surfacing technology
  • Unified Surfacing solution: Power | Precision | Flexibility
  • Streamline Design & Engineering collaboration
  • Keep Global Design Network Connected

CATIA Icem covers the entire development process chain, allowing software-based development to minimize the reliance on physical prototype and standalone renderers in the early development phases.

CATIA Icem is the ultimate surface-modeling platform, combining the precision and quality of Class-A surface design with the power of CATIA.

CATIA Icem: a unified modeling environment

CATIA Icem is the alchemy of Class A surface design.

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