Systems Biology & Integrative Therapeutics

Collaborative Drug Discovery Through Comprehensive Multi-discipline Scientific Experience

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing major transformations to respond to innovation challenges it is facing. R&D productivity is under pressure as regulatory bodies and paying institutions are demanding more and more evidences that a new drug compound addresses an unmet medical need. Among those evidences, in silico predictions and simulation results are rising as a new important piece of the regulatory submission file. This pressure combined with a new external economic environment and the growing market share of generic manufacturers are all taking a serious toll on the short- and long-term performance of pharmaceutical firms.

Dassault Systèmes, in collaboration with industry leaders of the BioIntelligence Consortium, have developed a comprehensive suite of BioPLM solutions to address these challenges and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug discovery and development process. Through global scientific collaboration, scientific content federation and semantic search, and virtual modeling and predictive simulations, pharmaceutical researchers and their global ecosystem can quickly and more efficiently create new drugs and improve the success rate of delivering new, better targeted therapeutic solutions.

The power of the digital world can help to fundamentally transform the industry's current practices

Christophe Thurieau Ipsen Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs and President of Ipsen Innovation