3D Space Planning for Stores

Accelerate Your Store Updates & Enhance Your Visual Merchandising Performance

3DVIA Store provides an on-line 3D space planning application to test, optimize and implement store layout concepts and merchandising plans.

For specialized retail store chains and stores-in-stores, properly allocating retail space to reflect corporate merchandising and effectively executing point-of-sale marketing campaigns are critical to success. These tasks are especially challenging for store managers with frequently changing products or seasonal categories.

Adapting centrally designed concepts and merchandising plans to local store constraints is difficult and time consuming. In addition, communication and collaboration with central planners is difficult because of the lack of visual representation of the store. The result is merchandising and marketing campaign adaptations that do not achieve their full sales potential. To simplify the process of chain store design and improve the customer experience, 3DVIA Store provides a cloud-based 3D space planning solution to visualize, test, and optimize new design concepts and point of sales merchandising plans.

The easy-to-use application fits within existing workflows and reduces the need for physical store mock-ups by providing an accurate, 3D virtual representation of the store. 3DVIA Store facilitates real-time design collaboration between central planners and local stores as well as implementation and verification of marketing campaign compliance across retail store locations.

3DVIA Store is an online, cloud-based solution, which means implementation time is fast and operational costs are low. The solution is ideal for retail store chains and store-in-stores in Fashion & Apparel, Telecom, Optical, Financial Services, Furniture, Home Décor and Electronics.

With 3DVIA Store:

  • Quickly define and visualize new store concepts in real-time 3D
  • Easily communicate and collaborate with store based teams
  • Ensure proper furniture placement with automatically applied design rules
  • Adapt and compare concept zone allocation with actuals
  • Validate marketing, commercial and technical compliance
  • Optimize visual merchandising campaigns and adapt them to each store's constraints
  • Minimize infrastructure costs with a cloud-based platform accessible from anywhere

Capability Benefits

  • Quickly define new store concepts in real-time 3D
  • Collaborate with stores to adapt plans to local constraints
  • Ensure store compliance of visual merchandising campaigns
  • Improve store profitability
  • Deliver a better customer experience
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