3D Space Planning for Enterprise Consumers

Generate High-quality Leads, Increase Revenue and Delight Customers

Easy-to-use and engaging, 3DVIA Home provides an exceptional customer experience whether online or in-store. Our innovative, cloud-based solution allows you to:

  • Convert online visitors into high quality sales leads
  • Motivate consumers to go to your stores
  • Ease the space planning process
  • Provide a seamless customer experience
  • Delight your customers

Convert online visitors into high quality sales leads:

3DVIA Home offers an engaging 3D space planning experience, inspiring your online visitors and turning them into targetable sales leads.

  • Provide a fun and engaging experience to interest and motivate online visitors to participate in the design process
  • Encourage online visitors using your app to contact you for more information or visit a store
  • Qualify each lead using prospect information including a user’s number of projects, style preferences and activity level
  • Differentiate high quality leads from occasional users, and target each with relevant sales and marketing promotions

Shorten your sales cycle:

With 3DVIA Home, your sales consultants spend less time with each customer, closing more deals faster.

  • Reduce time spent gathering project details, since customers enter the store with existing design projects and preferences
  • Increase the quality of time spent with each customer, refining design details, upselling and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • More quickly address customers’ needs and budget
  • Reduce required sales training due to consumer friendly ease of use

Ease the space planning process:

3DVIA Home is extremely easy to use for both customers and sales consultants. Your customers review product styles and automated proposals, ensuring a best selection.

  • Select a preferred style from the product catalog
  • Quickly sketch a 2D room plan with our free-form editor
  • Consider possible design configurations generated by our automated proposal wizard, which applies over 200 design rules
  • Customize the 3D design by adding, removing, or replacing items
  • View a project estimate with a list of furniture selections, and a cost estimate


Provide a seamless customer experience:

3DVIA Home is the only 3D space planning solution for both online consumers and in-store sales consultants, providing a seamless customer experience.

  • Complete the same projects started by customers at home in your store, shortening your sales cycle
  • Maintain a customer’s purchase commitment by preserving their contributions throughout the design process
  • Inspire consumers to continue the experience in your stores with a design consultant, increasing store visits  
  • Create an emotional link with your brand by engaging the customer throughout the entire design process

Delight your customers:

3DVIA Home provides your customers a valuable, fun and engaging experience.

  • Reduce customer purchase anxiety since they are able to consider all possible options before their final selection
  • Provide customers freedom to explore and consider styles on their own
  • Increase customer collaboration with sales consultants by enabling the customer to capture and share their preferences
  • Engage customers in the design evolution, creating a sense of project ownership and making them more likely to purchase
  • Reduce customers’ uncertainty by providing 3D views of the final design iterations before purchase

Capability Benefits

  • Convert online visitors into high quality sales leads
  • Provide a seamless customer experience
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Delight your customers
  • Enjoy the simplicity of a cloud-based solution   
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