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Khufu Project

Dassault Systèmes helped shed light on the 4,500-year-old Khufu Pyramid mystery using the largest, real-time, 3D VR auditorium in the world, the Geode, in Paris, France. Dassault Systèmes’ real-time, 3D solutions enabled architect Jean-Pierre Houdin to model, explore and run simulations of the pyramid in 3D. A cluster of seven computers running 3DVIA Virtools’ VR Publisher recreated the Kheops construction site, exactly as it was 4,500 years ago. The system allowed Houdin to move about the virtual site and respond to audience questions. 3DVIA Virtools helped develop the amazing, dynamic aspect of the application, creating a unique experience for visitors. The merge of real and virtual worlds via an interactive 3D experience on the Geode’s 400m² screen is a first!

  • Development: Dassault Systèmes/Emissive
  • Development time: 6 months
  • Solutions: 3DVIA Virtools