VR Library and VR Publisher

Publish or publicly display content created with the VR Library on VR devices and displays (cubic rooms, panoramic rooms, image walls, etc.). The VR Publisher provides specific publishing modules depending on the desired VR configuration.

Share interactive, 3D experiences


Taking advantage of VRPN, an open source standard (more info at http://www.vrpn.org), the VR Publisher provides an easy, out-ofthe-box solution to manage and get the most out of industry standard VR devices.

With head-tracking, correct user centered perspective is setup, and full immersion is achieved through stereoscopy, whether using active or passive equipment (shutter glasses, shutter screens, polarizing filters or glasses).

Distributed Computing on PC Clusters and Multi-GPU System

The VR Library/Publisher enables distributed computing for PC clusters, which can radically lower the cost of VR projects while offering very high performance. Scenes are synchronized by reading parameters in the master scene and passing them to client scenes.

Comprehensive Deployment for the Administrator and the End User

The VR Publisher gives the system administrators configuration tools to define the actual display, device and cluster parameters such as screen dimensions, stereo types and PC names. This is only to be done once and guaranties that the end user’s VR experience will be compliant with the actual hardware being used.

Scalable Offer for Buyers

The VR Library standalone offers all the development features necessary for authoring a VR experience to be deployed on standalone workstations, whereas the “VR Library Complete” also includes the ability to author for PC clusters.

The VR Publisher comes in Two Levels with a scalable pricing, depending on the hardware class.

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