Multiuser Server Development and Multiuser Publishing Server

Create multiuser applications, establishing database connectivity and ensuring accessibility of custom components, with 3DVIA Virtools Multiuser Server. As a comprehensive authoring tool, the Multiuser Server enables developing and testing multiserver applications with up to four simultaneous connections.

Deploy multiuser content developed with 3DVIA Virtools 4 and the multiuser server’s features, specifically offering unlimited connections.

Creating and sharing lifelike 3D experiences

Create Multiuser Applications the 3DVIA Virtools Way

Multiuser applications are fast and easy to build with the 3DVIA Virtools platform and Multiuser Server. Powerful technology is once again made simple through 3DVIA Virtools' easy-to-use building blocks. 3DVIA Virtools has already solved many of the annoying problems that make multiuser applications such a challenge to develop, leaving developers free to concentrate on creating interactive, multiuser 3D content instead of worrying about network protocols and the underlying infrastructure.

The Multiuser Server provides for two different types of multiuser servers, according to the type of multiuser application created: Standalone Server or Peer Server.

The Multiuser offer consists in two products:

  • 3DVIA Multiuser Library for authoring contains client side modules for authoring with 3DVIA Virtools. A number of tools, tutorials and sample compositions are included to show authors what can be done with the Multiuser Library.
  • 3DVIA Multiuser Server for publishing contains the Server application and Server Side Modules. The Multiuser Server is a standard service that runs on Microsoft Windows. Tools provided let you track a wide range of reports and statistics

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