3D XE Player

Create richer, more customized applications (custom DLLs, XML reader, ODBC connectivity, extending saving capabilities) with the 3D XE Player. Based on the 3D Office Player, the 3D XE Player extends capabilities to enable more specific and complex operations for 3DVIA Virtools developers. All 3D Office Player features and building blocks are also available to 3D XE Player developers.

Share interactive, 3D experiences

The 3D XE Player Architecture

The 3D XE Player is based on an ActiveX architecture embedded in a custom interface. If you do not wish to develop a whole application on top of the ActiveX control, the standalone player will provide an application that is simple, yet customizable from the composition defined in 3DVIA Virtools.

Customize Your Application

The customizable user interface feature allows for customization of the interface without recompiling the standalone player itself. 3DVIA Virtools developers will be able to update menus and toolbars and open dialogs through a simple XML configuration (created directly in the composition with the XML building blocks).

3D XE ActiveX control offers a complete API (Application Programming Interface) so that Visual Studio .NET developers can embed it in their own custom applications in C#, VB or C++.

The 3D XE Player architecture allows the use of custom DLLs created with 3DVIA Virtools SDK for development of more advanced applications. Moreover, the 3D XE Player allows publishing 3DVIA Virtools compositions using the Behavior Libraries (Physics, Multiuser).

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