3D Office Player

Share lifelike experiences involving virtual products across company infrastructures with the 3D Office Player. Developed with the Product/Context/Scenario approach in mind, the 3D Office Player comes with an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use navigation scenario and can be embedded in applications, such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word and Excel or Internet Explorer.

Easily share interactive, 3D experiences

Bring Lifelike Interactivity to 3D Models

The 3D Content Capture Tools that come with 3DVIA Virtools enable developers to easily create interactivity with their 3D models. Thanks to the 3D XML Virtools Plugin, PLM users can reuse their CAD models in the 3DVIA Virtools platform and deliver interactive, 3D product experiences through the 3D Office Player.

The 3D Office Player is based on a custom and intuitive GUI that allows for easy user interaction, usability and quick learning. An intuitive navigation and manipulation system is provided by default if there is no scenario in the loaded file (cameras, mouse). The left tab sheets (PCS ribbon) make it possible to switch the product, context or scenario defined in the .3dxml file loaded by double clicking on the desired thumbnail.

Share Your Experience

The 3D Office Player has been designed to make it easier for developers to share rich, interactive presentations throughout their companies.

The 3D Office Player can also be integrated in Microsoft Office applications (PowerPoint, Word, Excel). Experiences can be exported to both images (at very high resolutions if necessary) and video to easily record and share experiences.

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