Physics Library

Inject lifelike physics into applications with the 3DVIA Virtools Physics Library. Based on Havok technology, this add on library consists of 29 new building blocks. The Physics Library provides access to features like gravity, mass, friction, elasticity, physical constraints between objects and advanced physics models like buoyancy, force fields and car behaviors. These features speed up development, replacing tedious animation work and algorithm implementation, while remaining compatible with existing 3DVIA Virtools non-physics behaviors.

Create lifelike 3D experiences

Realistic Physics for Interactive 3D Worlds

Create interactive 3D worlds with realistic physics using the 3DVIA Virtools Physics Library. Use the power of Havok technology to apply the laws of physics to your 3D objects. All physics simulation parameters can be modified at run-time, including gravity, added or removed objects from the physics world, and more.

Rigid Body Collision Detection and Constraints

The Physics Library not only offers lifelike physics interactions, but also provides superior collision management, surpassing (for ease of use) the standard 3DVIA Virtools collision detection behaviors. Information from the physics simulation is made available as behavior outputs, which can be used by developers to trigger other scripts in the application.

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