Create lifelike 3D experiences

Develop lifelike 3D experiences with the 3DVIA Virtools platform and add-on libraries. With tools such as physics, AI and more, give your industry or videogame applications a sense of extreme realism.

Authoring platform

3DVIA Virtools

Create highly interactive, 3D applications with our core platform, 3DVIA Virtools. 3DVIA Virtools authoring software is built on the 3DVIA Virtools Behavioral Engine and offers an innovative GUI for intuitive programming and production. Use 3DVIA Virtools standard library of behavior building blocks (BBs) to create complex interactivity, or customize and embed personal components with the 3DVIA Virtools SDK.

Add-on Libraries

Multiuser Library

Create multiuser applications, establishing database connectivity and ensuring accessibility of custom components, with 3DVIA Virtools Multiuser Library. As a comprehensive authoring tool, the DVIA Virtools Multiuser Library enables developing and testing multiserver applications with up to four simultaneous connections.

Physics Library

Inject lifelike physics into applications with the 3DVIA Virtools Physics Library. Based on Havok technology, this add-on library consists of 29 new building blocks and features like, gravity, mass, friction, elasticity, physical constraints between objects and advanced physics models like buoyancy, force fields and car behaviors.

VR Library

Use the VR Library to simplify authoring complex VR systems and build sophisticated immersive experiences using industry standard VR peripherals and PC-based distributed computing (clusters).

3DVIA Virtools for Wii™

Take advantage of 3DVIA Virtools strong know-how and offer developers and game designers a solution for faster and easier prototyping and production for the Wii™.