3DVIA Virtools for Wii™

Take advantage of 3DVIA Virtools strong know-how and offer developers and game designers a solution for faster and easier prototyping and production for the Wii™

Rapid development for Wii™ retail and “WiiWare”™ games

Inherit from Virtools Legacy – rapid development from Prototyping to Production

Directly Test & Play on console anytime during development phase, using the power of 3DVIA Virtools and its 500 Building Blocks.

Convert from PC to Wii in one click

Get benefit from a new Visual Interface within Virtools to enable game designers as well as programmers to export the game from PC to Wii

Experience a better gameplay creation

With 3DVIA Virtools for Wii at the core of the Virtools authoring platform, developers but also game designers working on the Wii will now be able to focus on gameplay iteration and fast production, creating games with fantastic graphics and cutting-edge interactivity.

Access the Software Development Kit (SDK) for enhancements and optimization

3DVIA Virtools for Wii for production comes with a complete SDK, allowing programmers to add their custom code and tweak the libraries that come with the software, to deliver highly optimized games.

3DVIA Virtools solutions are available to address “Wii™” system game development:

  • The prototyping solution is ideal to test new game play ideas, visual quality target and pad controls directly on the target platform, accessible to game designers and technical artists;
  • The full production solution comes with extra source code allowing programmers to optimize and add their own code to match their specific needs; this solution, which comes with advanced support, is ideal to ship a high quality game in record time. Both solutions are easily accessible thanks to the powerful visual interface, which simplifies the exporting process from the PC to “Wii™” system.

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