3DLive Product Information

3DLive delivers a breakthrough lightweight 3D paradigm for on-line collaborative intelligence, leveraging enterprise 3D and PLM information.

Accelerate Innovation with 3D Collaborative Intelligence

With 3DLive you can:

  • Effortlessly connect all knowledge workers to enterprise IP and to each other
  • Accelerate product searches ensuring accurate and up-to-date results
  • Access the complete product definition from multiple data sources
  • Intuitive, 3D-based collaboration tools to promote idea sharing and speed up problem resolution
  • 3D Dashboards for managers to follow project progress and make knowledgeable decisions

3DLive products are available through several configurations:

ENOVIA® – Live Collaboration enables real-time team collaboration among all stakeholders. Enhanced decision-making occurs as everyone is accessing the single version of the truth.

Download ENOVIA Live Collaboration

CATIA® – Live Functional Tolerancing and Annotation enhances understanding and improves decision-making by providing product designers with early insight into dimensioning and tolerancing annotations, geometrical elements or features, and the relationships between the elements. Users can leverage 3D information directly and eliminate the need for 2D drawings.

ENOVIA® Live Similarity saves users time and effort by integrating a shape-based search of CATIA V6 data through the contextual menu of the 3D navigation available in ENOVIA® 3DLive™. A shape-based search is an intuitive process that enables easy and quick information reuse through the product lifecycle stages such as design, planning, manufacturing, procurement, and inventory management.

Download ENOVIA Live Similarity datasheet

ENOVIA Live Rights Manager is a DRM (Digital Rights Managements) solution based on Microsoft RMS (Rights Management Services). It provides comprehensive control of read, write, and share permissions for 3DXML files accessed by ENOVIA® 3DLive™. Once installed, according to the rights granted, users can seamlessly open, review, edit, and save the files.

Download ENOVIA Live Rights Manager datasheet