3DLive is a lightweight application introducing a breakthrough 3D paradigm for on-line collaborative intelligence.

Accelerate Innovation with On-line 3D Collaborative Intelligence

Globalization has made collaboration and business process management very challenging. As product development and manufacturing activities are now carried out by teams across geographically dispersed locations, idea sharing and problem resolution processes are often hampered by language, cultural and technological barriers. With mounting pressures from competition, progressive manufacturing companies must know what the customers want, form strategic alliances to harness expertise and adopt advanced engineering technologies to stay competitive.

Thanks to its PLM Online for All platform, the 3DLive product offers from Dassault Systèmes enables collaborators in a global enterprise to use 3D as the universal language for creating innovative products that can be launched more quickly to the market. Leveraging the best digital technology in the market today, companies are now able to effectively harness the collective intelligence from their stakeholders while resolving product and manufacturing issues early in the development cycle when the change cost is low and the potential to innovate is high.

Getting Started with 3DLive

How Can 3DLive Help?

The Challenge: Accelerating Innovation. Innovation is at the heart of driving companies to deliver better products, increased market share and greater revenue. More »

How Does 3DLive Work?

3DLive is a web client application that connects to an external data source through internet protocol. The application can be downloaded and installed from  the web from virtually any location based on a secure Internet connection (for example VPN). More »

What are the Capabilities of 3DLive?

With 3DLive searching for data is very easy. Simply type in a text string and you can get results not only in a tabular format, but also data categorized in bubbles of categories... More »

What is the Potential ROI with 3DLive?

Since 3DLive allows all users in the interprise to search and navigate on data from multiple sources, this eliminates the need for a PDM/PLM to be installed locally with a 3Dauthoring application. More »

What Industries are Supported by 3DLive?

3DLive can be leveraged by any industry... More »

Thierry Delaporte, VP Deputy Operation Office, ,Space Engines Division, Snecma, SAFRAN Group

3DLive literally puts all stakeholders on the same page, using 3D as a universal media through which they can work together, accelerating decision making and driving innovation, in production, marketing, project management and at the executive level.(...) With 3DLive, we can maximize our existing PLM investments.

Thierry Delaporte, VP Deputy Operation Office,
Space Engines Division, Snecma, SAFRAN Group