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Content Replication allows a customer to deploy file servers closer to end users for improved file upload and download performance in a global, multi-site implementation.

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Content Replication provides companies with a mechanism to deploy file servers across the enterprise for efficient handling of file operations with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. End users manage files by performing check-in and check-out operations. Files can dramatically vary in size for different use models.  For larger files, performance is greatly impacted by the user proximity to a file server.  With Content Replication, file collaboration servers (FCS) are placed closer to the end users working at remote sites throughout the world. As a result, file transfers to and from the server are optimized for performance.

Content Replication provides the following advantages:

  • Enables file servers to be physically located closer to end users for optimal performance.
  • Facilitates file replication for sharing of data across other enterprise users.
  • Allows administrators to locally control and manage file data.

Content Replication also complies with typical IT standards:

  • Communication between the 3DEXPERIENCE platform system and the file server is done through HTTP(s); no wide area network (WAN) database connections are required.
  • Communication between the user (browser) and the file servers is also through HTTP(s).
  • Communication between multiple file servers to support replication is done through HTTP(s).
  • Access to local file servers does not require 3DEXPERIENCE platform re-authentication.
  • Support for secured network configurations uses reverse/forward proxy and network authentication.
  • Simplified deployment requires minimal installation files.
Content Replication

Key Features & Benefits

  • Distribute file servers to improve file download and upload performance for a better user experience.

  • Replicate file data across distributed file servers for local access by all enterprise users.

  • Add custom extensions to support additional services such as DRM.