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Collocation Data Exchange ()

Collocation Data Exchange delivers a virtual collocation solution for engineering and design model data exchange between 3DEXPERIENCE® platforms. It allows companies to share PLM information with one another when both are using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its authoring applications.

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Collocation Data Exchange provides support for industrial projects involving multiple design communities.  It provides capabilities to develop PLMChannel applications, which are written with 3DS APIs to automate authoring data synchronization between two or more partners that have 3DEXPERIENCE servers installed.  PLMChannel applications also support the concept of site ownership and transferring it from one 3DEXPERIENCE system to another.  Only the site with “Ownership” can edit a specific data object.

Compared to other exchange technologies, Collocation Data Exchange provides the capability to run peer-to-peer reliable exchanges without information loss since data is not transformed. Exchanges use a lightweight proprietary format referred to as a PLMBriefcase to extract and synchronize information.  The underlying technology is the same 3DXML-based data exchange used with 3DEXPERIENCE applications for designing and simulating a product and its manufacturing processes.

The following data types can be exchanged:

  • CATIA® 3DEXPERIENCE Functional / Logical / Product Structures
  • DELMIA® 3DEXPERIENCE Functional Processes
  • Catalog Structure
  • Materials
  • Documents
  • Workspaces and Folders
  • Configuration Models
  • Requirements
Collocation Data Exchange

Key Features & Benefits

  • Support projects running on several 3DEXPERIENCE servers to handle multiple communities.

  • Automate authoring data synchronization with partners.

  • Extend standard 3DXML exchanges with data ownership controls.