Physical Prototyper/Clay Modeler

Physical Prototyper/Clay Modeler is a specific and dedicated process for any user dealing with transitions between digital and physical worlds

Physical Prototyper/Clay Modeler address the transition between digital and physical worlds by import, generation, modification and optimization of digitized data like meshes or scans


To quickly export 3D data to 3D printable files and to adjust a shape from a displacement field to compensate dilatation or spring-back effects. With this user-role, modelers can manage, repair, refine modify, improve & remodel scan & mesh data provide various semi-automatic tools to rebuild exact geometry from any scan data or polygon modeling generate STL files from exact geometry for 3D printing quickly obtain through global deformation the compensated shape able to absorb deforming physical phenomenon's.

Physical Prototyper/Clay Modeler

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Quick prototyping with 3D printing

  • Quick virtual reconstruction of physical objects

  • Detailed virtual reconstruction of physical objects

  • Quick virtual study of physical variations