Strategic Customer Relationships

Toward Zero Product Failure

In the Experience Economy, customers have transformed to take a more active role in communicating their requirements and preferences for the products that they ultimately purchase. This phenomenon requires the ability to manage customer requirements not as an afterthought, but as an inherent part of the product development process. The ENOVIA requirements-driven systems engineering approach to developing products with the customer's desired experiences is visible to all stakeholders involved

Key benefits

  • Capture customer needs and drive downstream development by planning new products with the greatest market impact – enables you to co-create with your customers
  • Prioritize requirements based on value delivered
  • Model systems with interactions and analyze the impact on the experience


  • Requirements Manager

    Optimize Value to Your Customers Through Co-Creation and Requirements-Driven Development

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  • 3D Merchandiser

    Realistically Simulate and Optimize Your Merchandising Strategy in 3D

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  • 3D Merchandising Representative

    Review and Collaborate Around Optimized Merchandising Strategy in 3D

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