Simulation Process & Innovation Management

Maximize Product Quality Early in the Development Process

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform for the enterprise provides analysts and simulation groups with an unprecedented opportunity to increase the visibility and value of their work, to fully leverage simulation activities and to utilize simulation as a corporate asset.  The Simulation Process & Innovation Management portfolio provides data and process management from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform (including data management, search, dashboarding, traceability, tagging, and social collaboration) with layered roles and options that provide tool integration, execution, process capture, design space exploration, and analytics plus methods publication for democratization and re-use for all users throughout the enterprise, all on a common infrastructure with a unified user interface.

Key benefits

  • Integrate and manage existing simulation tools
  • Build and share methods, then publish simulation best-practices as corporate standards for others to re-use
  • Manage and trace simulation processes and data using 3DEXPERIENCE to link simulation activities to requirements
  • Explore your product’s parametric design space to find an optimal solution
  • Collaborate with others using dashboards to capture your simulation project status, results, and key conclusions
Explore SIMULIA capabilities


  • Simulation Asset Management

    A foundation for all analysts to manage their ad-hoc simulation workflows within 3DEXPERIENCE

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  • Simulation Process Method Developer

    Give methods developers a cost-effective way to democratize their expertise, making it accessible to all of the users involved in the design process.

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  • Results Data Analyst

    Post-process, visualize and analyze trade-offs of large datasets

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  • Simulation Foundation

    Locate and monitor all of simulation studies in a single location

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  • Simulation Process and Optimization

    Integrate a company's engineering and best practices into re-usable, deployable processes

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