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Robotics Spot Welding Programmer

Robotics Spot Welding Programmer

Robot Spot Welding Programmer is a comprehensive robotics programming solution that generates and manages robot spot-welding programs.

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Robot Spot Welding Programmer features advanced capabilities for robot path planning, weld gun selection, and analysis help programmers react quickly to new or changing product designs. They can import and export production robot programs to increase accuracy and productivity. They can also deliver validated, optimized programs to the shop floor. 

Robot Programmers can create, program, simulate, validate and off-line program an entire workcell.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Groundbreaking user experience

  • Fast, simple robotic workcell layout

  • Early discovery and resolution of design for manufacturing issues

  • Concurrent robot simulation

  • Improved collaboration between robot programmers and designers

  • Creation, simulation and validation of robot tasks in the manufacturing context

  • Greater productivity for programmers

  • Import, export and customization of programs using VB.Net

  • Creation and management of inputs and outputs

  • Delivery of validated, optimized robot programs to the shop floor

  • Native robot language teach experience

  • Alignment of virtual workcells with physical workcells