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Robotics Programmer

Robotics Programmer

Robotics Programmer provides a 3D environment where robot programmers can create, program, simulate and validate an entire robot workcell.

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Robotics Programmer enables robot programmers to build kinematic devices, position resources, program individual robots, debug motion trajectories, and establish input and output connections between robot controllers and other devices, all using this intuitive interface. Programmers can also import and export production robot programs.

Robotics Programmer lets users perform robot task feasibility studies early in the planning and detailing stages, reducing the cost of re-work generated by product and tooling changes

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Groundbreaking user experience

  • Fast, simple robotic workcell layout

  • Early discovery and resolution of design for manufacturing issues

  • Concurrent robot simulation

  • Improved collaboration between robot programmers and designers

  • Creation, simulation and validation of robot tasks in the manufacturing context

  • Greater productivity for robot programmers

  • Import, export and customization of programs using VB.Net

  • Native robot language teach experience

  • Alignment of virtual workcells with physical workcells