Quality and Compliance

Quality Manager ()

Quality Manager is a comprehensive quality management solution that directly embeds quality and compliance directly into the product development process. It enables organizations to take control of their global operations, while continuously improving operational performance.

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Organizations are consistently struggling to deal with quality issues efficiently and effectively. As the complexity of products and processes increases, this predicament only promises to worsen. By removing departmental silos with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform it is possible to enforce common quality processes, while adapting to local regulatory requirements and improving communication.

Key features & benefits

  • Capture complete complaint information

  • Easily define and execute event

  • Convert a complaint to an inquiry or equipment service request, or back to a complaint

  • Streamline product returns for faster customer satisfaction

  • Trace and complete fulfillment of product

  • Summary report of each event to streamline closure

  • Manage workflow with task creator

  • Define a single variant dictionary composed of features, options and rules that is leveraged by organizations involved in designing, manufacturing complex products

  • Define a single configuration dictionary for each model/product that standardizes the proper use of product unit, milestone and product evolution effectivities for all complex structures managed by the product’s lifecycle

  • Rapidly introduce a family of variant products to the market using a generic product structure that allows the reduction in product diversity while still fulfilling market demand