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Packaging Copy and Artwork Designer

Packaging Copy and Artwork Designer

Copy and Artwork Composition provides simple to use interfaces for managing the final artwork development process and copy authoring based on the structured content defined via capabilities in Copy and Artwork Management.


Copy and Artwork Composition enables companies to collaboratively edit and approve copy and graphic artwork content. Industry standard copy classification and XML export formats are used to facilitate communication with design studios regarding artwork copy content. Incorporated with the single repository of artwork assets the solution provides powerful real-time visibility to the artwork process for artwork project managers and other key stakeholders.

Utilizing Connector for Adobe Creative Suite companies can increase collaboration with graphics designers by allowing direct access and storage of final artwork and other artwork assets into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Keu features & benefits

  • Artwork package setup uses pre-defined market/language setup and master copy lists for consistent and quick set up of artwork content for POAs

  • Authoring can be done in parallel by different users (e.g. marketing, regulatory and legal) for the elements they are responsible for, with in-cell and rich text editing capability