Product Planning and Program Management On Premise

Collection Planner

Collection Planner provides Consumer Goods companies with a single environment to manage seasonal line planning and product development. Collection Planner enables users to communicate targeted objectives to their design, development and sourcing counterparts as well as execute development tasks, track seasonal development, approvals, and responsibilities.


Consumer Goods companies are challenged to respond more rapidly to market trends and changing consumer demand for more choices, better pricing, and quick turn-around. These challenges include increased global competition, as well as the need to target new markets and create new revenue streams.

Consumer Goods companies are seeking the best way to capture market share by differentiating their company from the competition. They want to drive repeat sales by increasing brand integrity and relevancy with consumers. Collection Planner enables users to react quickly and efficiently to shifts in seasonal requirements, supplier changes and an increase in demand.  Changes can be communicated enterprise-wide while enabling collaboration with key partners and stakeholders for solutions.

Collection Planner addresses the following business needs:

  • Forecast and sett seasonal development plan objectives for use by cross functional team members
  • Improve the ability to capture and align industry trends, product features, and customer requirements with hind sight performance data to support seasonal product line planning decisions.
  • Work closer to the market and align and coordinate design, procurement and suppliers early in the design process.
  • Accelerate the development process through the standardization of product development procedures and driving workflow on an enterprise-wide basis. 
  • Achieve objectives through the establishment of common metrics and procedures for measuring product development milestones and performance.
  • Create an information infrastructure that automates and integrates product data, business processes and development workflows across the product lifecycle.

Collection Planner enables companies to rapidly deploy a state of the art, scalable enterprise solution for product planning, design and development. Collection Planner comes complete with industry-specific best practices for product design including pre-defined work processes, industry specific-data models, reports, role-based user interfaces, and document management capabilities.

Collection Planner is proven to help fashion product-design and consumer goods companies solve the strategic challenges of increasing global competition, shrinking product lifecycles, and reacting to ever-changing seasonal consumer demands.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce inefficiencies caused by managing product development information and processes via documents

  • Replace multiple and disconnected systems and isolated documents used to manage product, project, color, material, line plans, vendor and sourcing

  • Incorporate the expertise and knowledge in your supply chain early in the product development processes

  • Effectively allocate and manage resources across all functional teams by tracking seasonal line planning calendars, approvals, and responsibilities

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness by working in a single system that is integrated with all other aspects of product development

  • Quickly and dynamically react to shifts in seasonal requirements, industry trends, and consumer tendencies