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Contract Deliverable Manager ()

Contract Deliverable Manager

Contract Deliverable Manager provides a collaborative environment for users to access, manage and deliver contract documentation and deliverables (i.e. “Submittals”) according to their task assignments.

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Companies can no longer rely on manually collecting project status. Time spent searching for and transforming data and conducting physical meetings with numerous attendees must be avoided and eliminated.  Contract Deliverable Manager achieves this by making the updating of project task status part of the same 3DEXPERIENCE® system used to develop and manage the content delivered to fulfill the project task. In effect, project management capabilities are put directly in the context of the tools of users so reporting status is not seen as a burden. Reliance on manual collection of status is reduced or eliminated.

When users can report task status via their normal activities, the concept of “Invisible Governance” is enabled. The alternative to invisible governance is team members communicating status through informal approaches like e-mail, or program managers being forced to manually collect and compile status updates. This is effort intensive and very time consuming. Further, the information is always out-of-date since progress goes on immediately after status is reported.  Inefficiency and poor/late data makes effective decisions a matter or intuition rather than data-driven.  Contract Deliverable Manager eliminates these issues.

Contract Deliverable Manager provides users visibility to their contract and project assignments and allows them to create risks, issues and opportunities. Users collaborate through shared folders and documents for the deliverables to define status, approve and review.

Key features & benefits

  • Quickly access all assigned tasks

  • Identify project risks for the team to resolve

  • Raise project issues for the team to resolve

  • Visualize WBS with Gantt chart

  • Submit a weekly time sheet to report hours applied to projects

  • Dashboard projects and assigned tasks in 3D Dashboard