Process Planning

Time Study Analyst

With Time Study Analyst, industrial engineers have a powerful application to analyze the complexity of operations assigned to workplaces and use state-of-the-art industry standards to accurately compute operation times.

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Time Study Analyst uses scientific methods like MTM to overcome traditional stop-watch based techniques. To keep existing IP, Time Study Analyst also allows defining and including already existing best-practice data which have already been developed by the customer. Thanks to the full integration in the 3DExperience platform, the studies being performed by Time Study Analyst are directly usable along with for example equipment allocation (line balancing) in process planning.

  • Time analysis is faster, integrated and more accurate
  • Reduced time and effort for application users to optimize the total productivity of workers and efficiency of the production system
  • Full integration with process planning and workplace design in 3D
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Groundbreaking user experience

  • Perform time analysis based on industry standards

  • Time analysis based on company standards

  • Reduce errors and rework with cross-discipline collaboration