Multiphysics Simulation On Premise

Fluid Mechanics Analyst

A Simulation Role for the Analyst that validates engineering requirements of complex products using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation techniques with high accuracy


Fluid Mechanics Analyst permits a seamless switch between applications, allowing users to be product-focused: applying the right tool at the right time in their workflow processes. This allows a much greater degree of flexibility and collaboration in the design and simulation process, where geometry changes are automatically updated and made immediately available on the same platform for the analyst to obtain updated results.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Collaborative environment with seamless integration with CAD and PLM

  • Intuitive workflow guides user though main steps of physics set-up and selection of boundary conditions

  • Flow physics based on Abaqus solver technology

  • Realistic flow and heat transfer physics with scalable CFD solver technology

  • Reduced complexity of CFD workflows on a variety of flow scenarios

  • Accurate results for complex boundary layer problems and turbulent flows

  • Reduce computational time for steady state and transient problems