Preliminary Steel Structure Designer

Preliminary Steel Structure Designer is used to complete the design of heavy structures with realistic plate and stiffener elements. It provides industry specific features to create hull structure detailed parts.

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The full integration of Structure Functional Design and Structure Detailed Design allows users to retrieve design block information that was previously defined and assessed, to perform the detailed design of the structure.

Structure engineers are able to obtain early weight, material, labor and balance estimation of the structure as well as the classification drawings, including conventions. They can also extract a structural mesh of the whole ship to process global Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to achieve the required approval of the basic design.

Preliminary Steel Structure Designer is available on premise.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • One integrated solution from early functional design through manufacturing preparation

  • Automate design tasks and assist user decision-making

  • Enable highly-collaborative online engineering, including suppliers and regulatory agencies

  • Addresses conceptual/functional design

  • Early assessment of project risks and cost estimation for long-lead-time order items

  • Handles very large structural systems with highly productive functionality