Mechanical Tooling Designer

Mechanical Tooling designer accelerates the design of tooling parts, for both Generic Tooling as well as the Press & Die domains. It encompasses Weld Design and Tooling Design capabilities.

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The Weld Design set of applications addresses the welding process of industrial equipment, automotive, and aerospace industries. Classical or user-defined welds and part preparation are created in 3D, with associative annotations and right symbols generated in 2D drafting. Advanced welding processes allow for concurrent engineering between Machining and Welding engineers.

The Tooling Design set of applications provides tool and die makers with a rich catalog of industry-standard components to automate the tooling definition. Fully customizable components and a template-based approach ramp-up projects faster, ensure design consistency, and, help you to manufacture right the first time.   This process also includes 2D Layout capability, Bend Part Design, Mechanism Animation, KWA, Design Table and 

Mechanical Tooling Designer is available on premise and on cloud.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Productive and flexible 3D design

  • Standardize and share resources

  • Capitalize and reuse proven design practices