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Hydro Power Library ()

Hydro Power Library

The Modelica based Hydro Power Plant Library can be used to accelerate many of the engineering tasks associated with hydro power plant design, analysis and commissioning, including waterway dynamics and the impact of multiple turbines connected to a common penstock.

Detailed planning of operator commissioning tests and procedures can be defined, thereby reducing the risk of unexpected events and minimizing costly tests done on the actual physical plant.

The library offers a complete environment for the efficient testing and tuning of plant controllers in order to attain optimal performance. 

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Optimize the development of hydro power plant designs including the design and virtual testing of new control strategies.


  • Ideal environment for the design of hydro electric power plant control systems 
  • High flexibility with easy customization of models and experiments 
  • Easy integration of hydraulic and electrical components into the overall systems model 
  • Linearized models for control design can be easily generated 
  • Estimation of possible/necessary start and stop rates of the guide vanes




Hydro Power Library
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  • Minimizing costly tests done on the actual hydro power plant 

  • Reduced risk of unexpected events since the planning of commissioning tests and procedures can be defined and simulated in advance 

  • Fast, robust cross-discipline simulation of hydroelectric power plants 

  • Can be used in conjunction with the Modelica Electric Power Library to simulate power generation and distribution