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Human Comfort Library ()

Human Comfort Library

The Modelica based Human Comfort Library provides an integrated approach to simulate the thermal comfort within an occupied building or vehicle.  

Rapidly model and analyze the impact that air-conditioning systems, weather, equipment and occupant heat loads have on the overall thermal comfort of zone occupants.

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Model and analyze the thermal comfort of building and vehicle occupants.

  • Solar irradiation
  • Long wave thermal radiation
  • Convective heat transfer
  • Thermal conduction in materials
  • Internal heating and cooling sources (e.g. humans, equipment)
  • Compressible humid air flow
  • Moisture transport between air and walls
  • Geographic position of vehicles (latitude, longitude, orientation)
Human Comfort Library

Key Features and Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for time consuming and costly co-simulation analysis to determine human comfort

  • Evaluate human comfort through the simultaneous dynamic simulation of zones and air conditioning systems

  • Save time through the use of state-of-the art engineering with the ability to leverage human comfort specific models

  • Easily construct and simulate detailed and realistic human comfort, zone, weather and fluid flow models

  • Addresses the human comfort analysis needs of multiple industries