Mechanical Engineering

Shape Designer

CATIA Shape Designer role extension allows the users to create high-quality & complex mechanical shapes with a robust feature-based approach. Dedicated functionalities are proposed to simplify, accelerate & check surface designs, and increase efficiency on repetitive and very tedious manual tasks.


A sophisticated and advanced shape design add-on role, complementing the product definition & high-quality surface creation process.


  • Unified user interface: Accelerate your design with natural manipulations and contextual interactions.
  • Productivity: Increase efficiency on everyday tasks and increase productivity on very tedious manual tasks during shape design.
  • Advanced Surface Design: Enrich mechanical products with sophisticated & high-quality shapes.



Shape Designer


  • Reduce time-to-market by designing right the first time

  • Enrich your design with sophisticated and complex shapes

  • Take benefits from your assets and reuse existing designs

  • Be more efficient on everyday tasks