Mechanical Engineering

Mechanism Simulation Designer

The Mechanism Simulation Designer Extension enables product engineers and designers to simulate mechanisms. Kinematics joins defined in the Assembly Design phase, allows to understand the design and are easily re-used in mechanism representations whatever the complexity of the product structure is. The functional check and validation of mechanisms may be carried out interactively or by running kinematics and dynamics scenarios with intermittent contacts. Data such as accurate clash analysis, distance computations, geometric traces, and swept volumes of a moving part are presented in animations and snapshots of the mechanisms at various stages of a simulation. Finally, simulation can be updated automatically to evaluate more design alternatives in the same timeframe.

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A comprehensive and powerful set of tools for the creation, management and simulation of products which include complex mechanisms.

  • Engineering connections
  • Mechanism animation
  • Mechanism of mechanisms
  • Kinematics scenario
  • Clash detection
  • Simulation analysis



Mechanism Simulation Designer
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  • Don’t change your design methodology because of kinematics

  • Create a complex mechanical system from elementary mechanisms 

  • Understand and review large mechanisms

  • Capitalize on your assets

  • Limit physical prototypes and produce right the first time

  • Track and analyze the entire kinematics behavior of your system

  • Work together at the same time