Mechanical Engineering

Design Review & Preparation

With 3D Geometry Insight, the Design Review & Preparation role enables users to access or create exact geometries to make accurate measurements without modifying original geometrical definitions.  Any disciplines such as Fasteners, 2D Layout, System definition (RFLP), etc., can all benefit from this role to maintain high accuracy of geometrical measurements respecting the original definitions of surfaces, avoiding unnecessary confusions and confirmation processes downstream. 


  • Exact sectioning, exact measurement, sketch examination, construction of additional geometry creation for measurement.
  • Review product structure, 2D documents, interference results, and/or the system’s structure (functional and logical data).
  • 3D review tools convenient for review processes such as markups, measurement, and sectioning can be captured.
  • Manage slides to capture repositioned components to have a better insight into product definitions without impacting the original designs.
  • Enable instant collaboration for participants to share any review information in real-time. 
  • Allow access to relevant validation objects (context, replies, checks and highlights) for seamless collaboration among architects and engineering managers, project leaders, or designers. 
  • Enable full review capabilities of 3D Functional Tolerancing & Annotation (FTA), 2D Layout for 3D Design (LO1) data review mark-up, and Fasteners.
Design Review & Preparation


  • By creating support geometries, users can make all the necessary measurements for complicated parts with high accuracy, including projected line measurements on an arbitrary plane, ensuring accurate clearance checks for design reviewers.

  • 3D Annotation Insight capabilities included in 3D Geometry Insight allows users to review FTA annotations and dimensions in a quicker and easier manner by displaying only the relevant information.  This is beneficial for design review preparers to set up data sets that accelerate review processes for design reviewers and managers.

  • Sharing the review results with downstream processes becomes easier and more accurate in 3DExperience Platform while preventing unwanted modifications of the original design definitions.