Marine & Offshore

Steel Outfitting Designer

Steel Outfitting Designer role is primarily targeted for M&O, EPU, AEC Industries but could serve well other industries as well. It is meant for customers who are dealing with outfitting parts/system design, foundation design and equipment’s placement.

Steel Outfitting Designer role provides user friendly and productive functions to cover the needs of the Steel Outfitting Designer. The paterning systems such as handraills, windscreen, catwalk, etc supports functional and detailed design. Steel foundation is fully covered on Detailed design, and the instantiation and positioning of equipments is highly flexible and productive. Steel Outfitting Designer role allows to perform very early analysis of the needed material and ordering.


Steel Outfitting Designer is key to streamline designing and placement of outfitting components by using fundamentals of space management, part design, and part placements. This role allows user to perform faster design, early estimates, reduce error and rework.

  • PLM exposed model 
    • Customize the categories and associate company’s attributes.
    • Native integraion with PLM based processes (Manufacturing, Procurement)
    • Infrastructure integration  through rich automation. 
  • Foundation design
    • Full usage of Structure Detailed Design infrastructure
    • Integration to manufacturing, fabrication, planning processes
    • Dedicated command to connection details by assembly parts or welds
    • Weld integration to Arc Welding Programming for robot welders.
  • Equipment
    • Wizard set up to minimize the learning curve.
    • Wide range of positioning capabilities (surface, curve, point, axis)
    • Mono and multi manipulation with ruler information
    • Distance positioning from any reference geometry
    • Dedicated Graphic Replacement for 2D reporting
    • Graphic Replacement customization by 2D reporting type (Electrical vs hydraulic vs simplified, etc)
    • Rich placement automation for design validation or design modification.



Steel Outfitting Designer


  • Native integraion with PLM based processes (Manufacturing, Planning, Procurement)

  • Full usage of Structure Detailed Design infrastructure and its integration to manufacturing, fabrication, planning processes.

  • Full integration with multi discipline positioning for a cross process unique experience.