IP Classification and Protection

IP Controlled Access ()

IP Controlled Access

IP Controlled Access enforces security rules and exceptions that were defined with IP Security Manager to prevent unauthorized disclosure of intellectual property (IP) within the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

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IP Controlled Access enforces security rules and exceptions based on the related classifications containing those restrictions.  Rules are enforced every time a user attempts to view the item in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The enforcement check occurs during every search or navigation that could expose an item by comparing the user’s context to include their physical location against the security classifications related and configured from IP Security Manager. The enforcement criteria include citizenship, country-of-birth, organization affiliation, and current physical location. The level of restriction of metadata or file information in the items is defined as part of the policy definition for the item.

Key features & benefits

  • All rules or exceptions from the item’s related IP security classifications must authorize access to allow the user access to the secured items.

  • Users can experience limited access for some items and “silent,” no-show access for others, depending on their classification.

  • Security rules associated with citizenship, security level, organization affiliation or location (or country) may change access to items as those changes are made active.

  • Users are required to declare their current country or physical location as part of the login to properly enforce defined location security rules.