Enabling Maximum Flexibility in Deployment

The 3DEXPERIENCE® Portfolio On Premise expands capabilities already available on the V6 architecture and unifies the user experience for all Roles and Industries. Built to answer customer- and industry-specific needs for ease of use and lower training costs, the open architecture allows customization and the integration of enterprise data into a single environment. It provides a single source of truth by integrating all data required to create a powerful experience while helping reduce the necessity of costly IT operations such as database replication.

An intuitive, compass-like interface provides easy-to-use navigation, search, and collaboration in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform environment, making it inclusive for all disciplines in the company – engineering, manufacturing, simulation, sales, marketing, finance, procurement, and management.

Out of the Box Capabilities

  • 3DSpace - Simplified, powerful management of data and content
  • 3DPlay - Share 3D views and play 3D scenes
  • 3DSearch - Collect and find structured and unstructured data
  • 6WTags - Intelligent, structured, and fast tagging system for refining searches
  • 3DMessaging - Online chat for real-time text, image, or 3D transmission
  • 3DCompass - Unified access to all applications including 3rd party apps

Global Product Development

From Disconnected R&D to Global R&D Enabling Simultaneous Launch

A development process that provides confidence in the virtual product for design and validation of form, fit, and function allows companies to reduce reliance on physical validation and drive towards ZERO Prototypes. This is enabled through the following best practices:

  1. Embed virtual simulation early. Functional Alternative Simulations
  2. Leverage Configured Digital Mockup
  3. Define a functional mockup with behavioral, simulation
  4. Online collaborative environment for all
  5. Virtual Test Visibility
  6. Development Traceability