Electrical Systems

Electrical Harness Manufacturing Engineer

The Electrical Manufacturing Preparation Engineer role addresses the flattening of the 3D wire harness on to a 2D plane and create manufacturing documents (2D drawings) and reports. It is part of the complete integrated Electrical process and has tight synchronization capabilities with the Electrical 3D Systems Designer role. 


The Electrical Manufacturing Preparation Engineer role generates a flattened definition of the 3D wire harness design to create manufacturing form-boards and harness documentation.

  • Automatic or manual harness flattening. 
  • Dedicated commands to manage harness flattened layout. 
  • Manage synchronization between harness design and flattening. 
  • Synchronization of configuration on electrical component.
  • Reuse existing flattened harness linked to a new 3D design. 
  • Management of tolerancing and annotations directly in the flattening. 
Electrical Harness Manufacturing Engineer


  • Flatten the 3D harness in a 2D plane and optimize the complete layout for formboard preparation

  • Generate automatic annotated full scale drawings for formboard creation and manufacturing documentation

  • Manage synchronization of the flattened harness and drawing updates to reflect changes in 3D

  • In addition, it is possible to design the physical formboard by adding the tooling needed for manufacturing the wire harness