Simulation-based Design

Engineer Compute

Engineer Compute is a Deployment Option that provides access to simulation compute services for Engineer Roles.

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Engineer Compute provides occasional users with a flexible licensing model that provides access to HPC without the large upfront cost associated with traditional HPC license models. The solver software cost is based on a set of value metrics including features associated with the sophistication of the analysis procedure, model size and accelerated turn-around time. These metrics reduce the dependence of the software cost on the IT resources required to run the simulation. The SaaS model is designed to enable both the computational software and DS cloud IT resources used for simulation eliminating the need to purchase software and IT separately.

Engineer Compute
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Provides metered access to simulation compute services using consumable credits reducing barriers to entry for occasional users while providing scalable access to an extensive range of capabilities.

  • Provides engineers and other occasional simulation users access to powerful HPC capabilities through a consumable credit-based license model.

  • Based on software features, model size, and performance speed-up, which reduces the dependence of the software cost on the IT resources used to run the simulation.

  • Covers a wide range of applications from routine linear analysis of components to sophisticated non-linear analysis of complex systems.