Product Optimization Designer

Product designs that continue to use physical prototypes are more prone to errors, delays, and increased costs. Choosing a solution with built-in knowledge ensures your product conforms to various standards, helping you to work faster and design right.

Product Optimization Designer provides an interactive environment for modeling and solving complex engineering problems. 

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Early in the conceptual design stage, it is often necessary to find solutions to an engineering problem by trying to satisfy a set of engineering constraints, while fulfilling the requirements for the product definition and behaviors.

Product Optimization Designer allows users to model these constraints as a set of equations and inequations, as well as to interact with the model in order to discover solutions to a given problem.

Product Optimization Designer is available on premise and on cloud.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Interactive

  • Easy and simple langage for creating template

  • Pervasive in all processes

  • All process benefit from pre-defined templates

  • Sophisticated templates can be created, without any complexity for end users

  • Optimize shape linked to performance constraints