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Enterprise Modeling Administrator ()

Enterprise Modeling Administrator provides the development tools for an administrator to change the lowest level data schema and business rules for their 3DEXPERIENCE® implementation.  Enterprise Modeling Administrator is used when Customization and Specialization Administrator cannot address the unique business needs of a customer.

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Enterprise Modeling Administrator provides administrative capabilities to customize in 3DEXPERIENCE security and user interface components. It enables administrators to manage and configure the database and file vaults for storage.  Enterprise Modeling Administrator provides low-level schema modelling tools to change business processes via the definition of data types, attributes, relationships, security, lifecycle, workflow, and web user interface design.  Modifications can be made with a command line interface called MQL or with a simple graphical user interface.

Additional administrative functionality is made available with the “Configure My ENOVIA®” console available in Platform Contributor and Collaborative Innovation.  With this console users can define an organization structure, modify maturity, select revision and naming conventions, etc. For some schema modifications, Customization and Specialization Administrator can be used as an alternative to Enterprise Modeling AdministratorCustomization and Specialization Administrator is a Web-based tool for easily extending data models delivered with standard ENOVIA software.

Note that users of Enterprise Modeling Administrator must also be valid licensees of the 3DEXPERIENCE solutions they must test after making schema and system modifications.

Enterprise Modeling Administrator

Key Features & Benefits

  • Customize the underlying data schema and rules if unique business processes are needed for end user acceptance.

  • Implement unique capabilities without compromising the ability to upgrade to newer releases.