Configuration Management

Configuration Management for BOM

Configuration Management for BOM is used by manufacturers of low volume and highly complex products to define a 150% configured engineering bill-of-material (EBOM) with effectivity values assigned to parts. Users can then leverage custom or standard product configurations to filter and view a 100% resolved EBOM.


Configuration Management for BOM is added to Product Engineer to provide advanced capabilities to define, navigate, filter and update configured BOMs using product unit, feature option, product revision, project milestone, and/or context date effectivity. Configuration Management for BOM works in conjunction with CATIA® 3DEXPERIENCE® to synchronize with CATIA configured products resulting in an enhanced product development user experience.  Users can verify design and BOM information together by applying product configuration filters to the 3D product structure, configured BOM or both.

With Configuration Management for BOM, companies can address key product development business challenges including:

  • Errors due to managing unique EBOMS for highly variant products.
  • Errors during the manual transformation of each product configuration to a resolved design and EBOM structure.
  • Errors during manual translation of customer orders to production orders for variant products.
  • Incomplete impact analysis and discontinuity in engineering change propagation.
Configuration Management for BOM

Key Features & Benefits

  • Helps companies with highly configurable products manage a global product BOM that contains all possible variations

  • Enables engineers to create product configurations for design analysis or to validate supported product options

  • Applies multiple product unit or product option effectivity expressions directly to the BOM structure or synchronized from the CATIA® configured design environment

  • Synchronizes configured BOMs with CATIA configured 3D designs providing both configured 3D geometry and configured BOM product views

  • Applies effectivity for the definition, approval and implementation of a configured BOM structure’s changes

  • Provides configured BOM related reporting capabilities tailored to meet the needs of multiple functional areas such as configured BOM compare, where used and change management

  • Enables design and BOM verification and impact analysis for configured products