Configuration Management

Manage the Conceptual and Commercial Aspects of Your Products

Define conceptual product definitions that can be reused across a multiple series of products, satisfy market specifications, and provide many possible optional capabilities. These conceptual product definitions serve as a framework for defining variant products that are configurable and drive the generation of engineering bills-of-material (EBOMs).

Key benefits

  • Create product configurations to analyze or release as solutions into a product catalog
  • Create product configurations to analyze designs in Dassault Systèmes' design and engineering applications
  • Create product configurations to kick off the NPI process for new custom products


  • Product Manager

    Leverage a Standardized Product Structure to Deliver Products Faster and More Efficiently.

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  • Configuration Management for BOM

    Collaborate on a Configured BOM to Target Zero BOM Errors.

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  • Configuration Management

    Manage configurable product data structures to optimize reuse while satisfying all possible variations

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  • Change Management

    Improve Collaboration and Change Management Efficiency throughout the Enterprise.

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