Composites Engineering

Composites Manufacturer

The core manufacturing solution, CATIA Composites Manufacturer Preparation, integrated in the 3Dexperience platform, enables composites designers to embed all composites manufacturing contraints in the design process in order to design complex production-ready composites and mass-produce composites parts. 

All shop floor processes can be virtually simulated and optimized upfront to reduce costly scrapping of parts, whether for Lay-up simulation, Laser Projection, NC, Tape Laying or Resin Injection.

Ready-to-use outputs helps composites manufacturers to industrialize composites parts with powerful process-oriented tools.

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A powerful set of process oriented applications to industrialize complex composites parts before production.

  • Incorporate manufacturing constraints early in the process
    • Manufacturing skin swapping, material excess and 3D multi-splice functionalities, …
  • Best in class producibility analysis and flat pattern generation
    • Real-Time fiber deposit deviation analysis (Dynamic Draping)
    • Seed Point and Seed Curves control
    • Automate flat pattern generation
  • Output to major shopfloor systems
    • Export to nesting, and cutting or laser projection
  • High level of knowledge and automation
  • Associative shopfloor documentation
    • Visualization of plies normal vectors on drawing export
  • Engineering deliverables and DMU integration
    • Drawings with Generative view style and annotation templates
    • Review results export



Composites Manufacturer
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  • Industialize complex composites parts before production

  • Natively consume design data

  • Produce better and cheaper by designing in the context of manufacturing

  • Minimize development costs and prototyping, avoiding trial and error 

  • Mature ecosystem of solutions for Hand Lay Up, RTM, ATL/AFP

  • Downstream activities for traditional hand lay-up

  • Model Based Definition and LOng Term ARchiving compliant

  • Different approaches available for shop floor documentation