Composites Engineering

Composites Braiding Designer

The Composites Braiding Role provides an advanced braiding fiber simulation and allows designers to visualize fiber paths on complex surfaces and optimize machine parameters to achieve desired fiber orientations.

Composites Braiding Designer also ensures correct mandrel generation to guarantee correct fiber volume fractions to minimize mass, and provides a consistent virtual process chain to automate the existing manual braiding processes planning.

The overall value is to allow quicker manufacturing setup, fewer physical prototypes and higher quality braided production parts.

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Accelerate the design of composites parts by simulating the braiding manufacturing process

  • Ply modeling tools based on associative 3D features
  • Optimized braiding machine parameters and Material parameters to meet mechanical requirements
  • Advanced Braiding Producibility Analysis
    • Prediction and visualization of fiber paths on complex surfaces using an advanced simulation environment.
    • Mesh parameters control during simulation for more accuracy
    • Several Braiding Producibility Analysis tool (deviation, coverage, thickness, concavity, …) with analysis result control
  • Accurate automatic mandrel shape generation without physical prototyping
    • Mesh parmameters control during mandrel shape generation
Composites Braiding Designer
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  • Accelerate the design of composites parts

  • Reduce design cycle & manufacturing costs while meeting mechanical requirements

  • Verify the conformity of the part with the mechanical requirements

  • Provide an integrated and efficient process

  • Generate the ideal mandrel shape for a braiding process