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Connector for DesignSync Milkyway ()

Connector for DesignSync® Milkyway provides design data management for Synopsys® Milkyway data by integrating Software and System-on-a-Chip Designer and design tools included in the Synopsys Galaxy Design Platform such as Astro™ and JupiterXT. ™

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Software and System-on-a-Chip Designer is extended with a capability to recognize and efficiently manage Synopsys design data stored in a Milkyway database. The Synopsys Galaxy Design Platform is modified with the addition of Synchronicity® menus and commands.

Designers are able to perform design data management (DDM) operations such as check-in, checkout, or tag without leaving the familiar Synopsys design environment, and without having to manage the actual collections of files and directories on disk, which represent Synopsys design view types such as place and route abstracts (FRAM) or physical layouts (CEL).

Most importantly, Connector for DesignSync Milkyway allows companies to leverage the efforts of multiple designers on a single Milkyway database, eliminating the need to maintain multiple copies. Because physical design generates large amounts of data, the potential for disk savings alone is enormous.

Connector for DesignSync Milkyway

Key Features & Benefits

  • Manages Milkyway data, along with non-Milkyway project data, letting you connect and manage your entire design chain with a unified DDM system.

  • Aware of the unique structure of a Milkyway database.

  • Integrated into the Synopsys Galaxy Platform design environment — designers work in the tools with which they are familiar.